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Relevant University Policies

Policy Number
Policy Title
Effective Date
UPPS 01.04.27 Ownership and Use of Copyrighted Works October 13, 2014
UPPS 04.01.01 Security of Texas State Information Resources March 28, 2012
UPPS 04.01.02 Information Resources Identity and Access Management February 3, 2012
UPPS 04.01.05 Network Use Policy June 29, 2011
UPPS 04.01.06 University Websites October, 14,2013
UPPS 04.01.07 Appropriate Use of Information Resources February 3, 2012
UPPS 04.01.08 Texas State Internet Domain Name Policy November 6, 2007
UPPS 04.01.09 Server Management Policy June 30, 2010
UPPS 05.02.06 Acquisition of Information Technology Resources December 14, 2012

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Informational Brochures

IT Security has created a number of informative brochures that are easy to download and/or print.  These may be used for personal information, or departments may wish to print and distribute at orientations or other meetings.

If you need additional information, please contact IT Security at 245.4225, or by e-mail at itsecurity@txstate.edu

Security Basics (PDF,137 KB)